Biosimilars/Biobetters Pipeline Directory

Only recombinant and other cultured/fermented protein-based products are included.  Classic biologics are excluded - vaccines, blood/plasma and cellular products.  Over 95% of products are recombinant proteins.

  • Product information - Product records include:
          agent/product generic name(s)
          agent/product trade name(s)
          reference product
          stage/phase of development
          companies involved
          country/region for companies involved
          indexing (mostly indications)
          major market/GMP vs. lesser-regulated/non-GMP (biogeneric) products tagged
          notes regarding the products and company involvement
          Cross-references (links in the databases) between product and company records

  • Company information - Company records include:
          company name(s), including cross-references
          products company is involved with
          company annual revenue range
          notes and links to related products
          Cross-references (links in the databases) between company and product records

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      • Bundled online subscriptions to the Directory PLUS BIOPHARMA:  Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. and European Markets ("The Reference Products Reference") - inquire about prices/discounts; BIOPHARMA includes U.S. and EU biosimilar and biobetter launchability dates (patent, market and data exclusivity expiration dates) for >140 reference products, plus much unique bioprocessing, patent/licensing, regulatory and other information essential to follow-on products development, much of it available nowhere else.  
    2. PDF file/Print format
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