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Some preliminary top level data are presented below.  For further information, please contact the Webmaster, Ron Rader.
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Biosimilars/Biobetters Pipeline Database - Preliminary Top Level Data 3/24/2014)

Database Product Entries by Class (n = 1098)
  • biosimilars = 588
  • biobetters = 434
  • ref. products = 133
  • total pipeline products (biosimilars + biobetters) = 1155
Note, this study only covers recombinant proteins and a few other protein products. Vaccines, blood-derived, cultured cells and tissues and other types of biologics are not included!

This includes over 40, nearly all recombinant, mostly monoclonal antibody, products with over $1 billion/year sales, and about 20 others with sales over $500 million/year.

Follow-on products containing rather (bio)similar active agents are classed as either biosimilar (much the same) or biobetter (too different to be approved as a biosimilar). Biogenerics are the subset of biosimilars primarily oriented to lesser-regulated, developing country markets. There are still relatively few genuine biosimilars (by US/EU standards), i.e., products approved by a formal biosimilar mechanism, mostly those in Europe, none in the U.S. (unless include generic drug/505b2-type approvals for drugs reclassed as biologics by the BPCIA).

Note, multiple companies can be involved with each product.

Some Popular Targeted Reference Products
[No. of biosimilars by reference product]
Humira 17
Remicade 9
Epoetin alfa 90
Neupogen 54
Neulasta 16
Enbrel 21
Rituxan 37
Herceptin 31
Lantus 7
Avastin 16
Insulin and analogs 38
Interferons (alfa) 49
Interferons (beta) 26
Somatropins 23
Cancer indications 332
mAbs, mAb fragments      177

Companies With the Largest Biosimilars and Biobetters Pipelines
Biosimilars (10 or more)
Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. 28
BioXpress Therapeutics S.A. 19
Zydus Cadilla Healthcare Ltd. 17
Biocon Ltd. 17
Mylan Labs. 14
Inbiopro Solutions Pvt Ltd. 14
Creative Biomart Inc. 13
Green Cross Corp. 12
Bio Sidus S.A. 12
AXXO GmbH 12
Dong-A Pharmaceutical. 12
Bioton S.A.. 11
Chemo Group (Grupo Insud ) 11
Novartis AG 10
LG Life Sciences Ltd. 10
Amega Biotech 10
Cassara Biotech 10
Biobetters (7 or more)
Novo Nordisk A/S 18
Biogen Idec 14
Lilly, Eli & Co. 13
Bolder BioTechnology, Inc. 12
Roche/Genentech 12
Merck KGaA 10
PROLOR Biotech, Inc. 9
Baxter 8
Pfizer Inc. 8
Flamel Technologies 7

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