Insulin degludec - Tresiba; NN1250; Ryzodeg (combination of insulin degludec plus insulin aspart or Tresiba plus Novo's NovoMix ) -- Product Record

Insulin degludec, rDNA

      Tresiba [TR]
      Ryzodeg [TR; combination of insulin degludec plus insulin aspart]
      insulin degludec [USAN INN]
      Insulin degludec (genetical recombination) [JAN]
      (1A-21A),(1B-29B)-Insulin (human), 29B-[N6-[N-(15-carboxy-1-oxopentadecyl)-L-γ- glutamyl]-L-lysine]- [CAS]
      N6,29B-[N-(15-carboxypentadecanoyl)-L-γ-glutamyl]-des-30B-L-threonine-human insulin [CAS]
      844439-96-9 [CAS RN]
      D09727 [TR]
      NN1250 [SY]
      nsulin degludec plus insulin aspart [SY]

    molecular weight (kDa) = 6.104

    FDA Class:  Drug NDA

Index Terms:

  • Product Class Index:
      biopharmaceutical products
      insulin, recombinant human
      recombinant DNA
  • Biological Index:
  • Chemical Index:
  • Source/Host/Expression System: Microbial
  • Regulatory/Status Index:

      EU200 Currently Approved in EU
      UM999 Not Available/Not Marketed in US
      US01 FDA application withdrawn or rejected
      EM001 Marketed Product in EU