Insulin Lispro Injection (rDNA origin) - Humalog; Lys(B28), Pro(B29) human insulin; Humalog Mix75/25; Insulin Lispro Protamine Suspension [recombinant] -- Product Record

Insulin lispro, rDNA

      Insulin Lispro rDNA [BIO]
      Humalog [TR]
      Insulin Lispro Injection (rDNA origin) [FDA]
      Humalog Mix75/25 [TR]
      Insulin Lispro Protamine [FDA Orange Book for Humalog Mix 75/25]
      28b-L-Lysine-29b-L-proline insulin (human) [CAS ('b' is superscript)]
      Insulin (human), 28b-L-lysine-29b-L-proline- [CAS ('b' is superscript)]
      133107-64-9 [NUM CAS]
      insulin lispro protamine suspension [SY for NPH-type component of Humalog Mix75/30]
      LY 275585 [SY]
      Lys(B28), Pro(B29) human insulin [SY]
      Liprolog [TR in EU]
      NDC 0002-7510-01; NDC 0002-7515-59 [NUM NDC]

    molecular weight (kDa) = 5.8 m [51 a.a. polypeptide]

    FDA Class:  Drug NDA

    Year of approval (FDA) = 1996