Alteplase, recombinant - Activase; Cathflo Activase; tissue plasminogen activator type I, recombinant); tPA -- Product Record

tPA, rDNA/Genentech

      tPA, rDNA/Genentech [BIO]
      Activase [TR]
      Cathflo Activase [TR]
      Alteplase, recombinant [FDA]
      Alteplase [USAN INN]
      Plasminogen activator (human tissue-type 2-chain form protein moiety) [CAS]
      105857-23-6 [CAS RN]
      fibrinokinase [SY]
      rt-PA [SY]
      t-PA [SY]
      Tissue plasminogen activator type I (recombinant human) [SY]
      tPA [SY]
      Actilyse [TR in Europe, various Asian/Pacific Rim countries]
      Actiplas [TR in Italy]
      Activacin [TR in Japan]
      GRTPA [TR in Japan]
      NDC 50242-041-64 and NDC 50242-041-65 [NDC]
      C2569H3894N746O781S40 [MF]

    molecular weight (kDa) = 59

    FDA Class:  Biologic PLA converted to BLA

    Year of approval (FDA) = 1987