Rasburicase - Elitek; Fasturtec; uricase, recombinant; re-Uox -- Product Record

Urate oxidase, rDNA

      Urate oxidase, rDNA [BIO]
      Elitek [TR]
      rasburicase [FDA USAN USP]
      re-Uox [SY]
      Uox [SY]
      urate oxygen oxidoreductase [SY]
      uric acid oxidase, recombinant [SY]
      Uricozyme [SY for related product]
      Fasturtec [TR in Europe]
      E.C. [Enzyme Comm.]
      SR29142 [comp. code]
      NDC 0024-5150-10 and NDC 0024-5151-75 [NDC]

    molecular weight (kDa) = 34.1

    FDA Class:  BLA biologic

    Year of approval (FDA) = 2002