Satumomab Pendetide - OncoScint CR/OV-In; Indium In 111 satumomab pendetide; Tumor Associated Glycoprotein-72 Mab radioimmune conjugate -- Product Record

TAG-72 Mab–In111 radioconj./Cytogen

      TAG-72 Mab–In111 radioconj./Cytogen [BIO]
      OncoScint CR/OV [TR for Mab with linker]
      OncoScint CR/OV-In [TR (for radioimmune conjugate)]
      Indium In 111 Satumomab Pendetide [FDA USAN for final radioimmune conjugate]
      Satumomab Pendetide [FDA for Mab with linker)]
      anti-(human tumor-associated glycoprotein 72) immunoglobulin G1 (mouse monoclonal B72.3 ?1-chain) disulfide with mouse monoclonal B72.3 light chain, dimer [CAS for satumomab]
      Immunoglobulin G 1 (mouse monoclonal B72.3 anti-human glycoprotein TAG-72), disulfide with mouse monoclonal B72.3 light chain, dimer, N6-[N-[2-[[2-bis(carboxymethyl)amino]ethyl](carboxymethyl)amino]ethyl[-N-(carboxymethyl)glycyl]-N2(-N-glycyl-L-tyrosyl)-lysine conjugate, indium-111In chelate [CAS]
      138955-26-7 [CAS RN]
      138955-27-8 [CAS RN]
      Anti-Tumor Associated Glycoprotein-72 Mab radioconjugate [SY for final radioimmune conjugate]
      CYT-099 [SY for Mab]
      CYT-099 (MAb B72.3) murine monoclonal antibody [SY for Mab]
      GYK-DTPA-HCl.CYT-099 [SY for Mab with linker]
      In11 CYT-099 [SY for final radioimmune conjugate]
      Monab B72.3-GYK-DTPA-111In [SY for Mab with linker]
      CYT-099–GYK-DTPA.HCl [SY for Mab with linker]
      GYK-DTPA.HCl [SY for linker-chelator]

    FDA Class:  Biologic PLA

    Year of approval (FDA) = 1992

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