Factor IX Complex - Konyne 80; Antihemophilic factor B -- Product Record

Factor IX Complex/Talecris

      Factor IX Complex/Talecris [BIO]
      Konyne 80 [TR (current; since introduction of 80˚C heat treatment0]
      Konyne-HT [NAT TR (former; from launch of first heat treated product to launch of 80˚C heate product)]
      Factor IX Complex [FDA]
      Factor II (prothrombin) [SY for component]
      Factor IX (Antihemophilic factor B) [SY for component]
      Factor VII (proconvertin) [SY for component]
      Factor X (Stuart-Prower factor) [SY for component]
      9001-28-9 [CAS RN]
      Antihemophilic factor B [SY]
      Blood coagulation factor IX [SY]
      Christmas factor [SY]
      Factor IX [SY]

    FDA Class:  Biologic PLA

    Year of approval (FDA) = 1968

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