Fibrin Sealant (Human) - Evicel; CROSSEAL; Quixil; Biological Active Component (BAC), a concentrate of human clottable protein (mainly fibrinogen and fibronectin), and Thrombin (Human) -- Product Record

Fibrin sealant/OMRIX

      BAC2 [SY for a component of 2nd generation Evicel]
      Fibrin sealant/OMRIX [BIO]
      Evicel [TR]
      Fibrin Sealant (Human) [FDA]
      Fibrinogen [FDA for a component]
      Thrombin (Human) [FDA for a component]
      BAC [SY for a component]
      Biological Active Component [SY]
      fibrin sealant kit [SY]
      fibronectin [SY for a component]
      MixJect applicator [SY for a component of 1st generation Crosseal]
      Quixil [TR outside U.S.]

    FDA Class:  Biologic BLA

    Year of approval (FDA) = 2003

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