BIOPHARMA:  Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. and European Markets

BIOPHARMA®:  Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. and European Markets

    Still the only information resource/reference specializing in biopharmaceutical products!  
    • Web database presents encyclopedic monographs concentrating on products' biotechnology and commercial aspects (the hard-to-find information)
    • The single-most essential and high-value information resource for biosimilars, biogenerics and biobetters developers; [also see our Biosimilars/Biobetters Pipeline Directory]
    • Coverage:.  all biopharmaceuticals in U.S. and European markets through 2010+, including the first 30 years of recombinant products.  Database was archived about 2012-3, is not being updated (with some exceptions).  In this context, BIOPHARMA is now the "The Reference Products Reference." 
    • Includes all biopharmaceuticals:  recombinant and other fermented/cultured proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, enzymes, blood/plasms products, radioimmune conjugates, cultured cells/tissues; Includes all U.S. and European reference products (for biosimilars, biobetters and biogenerics)
    • Includes estimates of U.S. and European expiration dates for reference product exclusivities -- marketability dates for biosimilars and biobetters -- besides extensive reporting about patents and their licensing (a critical aspect ignored by other information resources)
    • Includes much unique bioprocessing/CMC, competitive, technological, marketing and regulatory intelligence now available nowhere else (potentially invaluable information), including from unique sources (e.g., >200 FOI requests fulfilled by FDA)
    • Web database subscriptions available for individuals (by password) and organizations (by I.P. nos.)
    • Originally published annually in book format. Last printed version in 2007 was 2 volumes, >1,600 dense (<10 pt Times) pages; and the database likely grew 50% after that until archived about 5 years later.
    • Reviews cite BIOPHARMA as "a comprehensive and fantastic resource;" "amazing how much information there was...a comprehensive source for product information, history, and background;" "the king of biopharmaceutical reference books;" and "the most useful and cost-effective resource with the information you need to understand biopharmaceutical products and the industry."

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