BIOPHARMA: Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. and European Markets - Reviews

Reviews concern prior editions of the book, last published in Sept. 2007.  BIOPHARMA is now much larger and an online database, which further improves its functionality.

 BioPharm International, April 2008; by Dr. Gary Walsh, Industrial Biochemistry Program, University of Limerick (Ireland)
 [Excerpts from the Full review]:

    "truly an excellent reference source of biopharmaceutical information"

    "The publication is a comprehensive and fantastic resource.  It would be particularly useful to professionals working in the biopharmaceutical sector or regulatory agencies, or as bio-business analysts.  The publication would also make a wonderful addition to the library of any university... very clearly laid out and intuitive to use"

    The collection of product monographs forms the backbone of the publication . . . Each monograph provides a comprehensive overview of its target product, listing information including names, regulatory and market status, product description, uses, and history.  Also included is information related to manufacturing, markets, patents, competition, and cost, as well as ongoing trials, pending filings, and any follow-on research and development.

    "various indexes...allow one to quickly find products categorized in a range of different ways"

    "I found very few weak points in this publication.  I highly recommend this publication to all."

BioProcess International, "A Useful Resource Defines the Biopharmaceutical Industry," Dec. 2003, p. 80; by Robert Shaw, Director of Commercial Development, Wyeth BioPharma
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    "Anyone interested in the commercial side of the biotechnology industry in the United States today will benefit from this book."

    "I found it amazing how much information there was. . . a comprehensive source for product information, history, and background"

    "Where Rader has done an excellent job is going beyond straightforward product information . . . particularly relevant for market analysis, business development, and sales and marketing personnel . . . includes fairly detailed manufacturing information"

    "a very thorough job of collecting information . . . provides a ready reference and a wealth of information . . . from many sources in one readily accessible volume . . . convenient format"

    "timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy of the data. In this area Rader has done a particularly good job . . . editing was very good"

    "supplemental online database can be used to support [book users'] search needs"

   BioProcessing Journal , "Book Review," Nov./Dec. 2004, p. 61; by Gordon Kelley, Associate Editor [peer reviewed journal]
   [Excerpts from the Full review (PDF)]

    BIOPHARMA is the king of biopharmaceutical reference books.

    An in-depth look at the scientific, molecular, legal, regulatory, and other aspects of more than 300 biopharmaceuticals....well organized and thoroughly cross-referenced....It is in the twelve indices that the utility of the book really stands out.

    BIOPHARMA is a fascinating read for those with a serious scientific curiosity about this industry, an invaluable and unique resource for students, and practically a must-have for anyone whose business depends on biopharmaceutical development.

    This massive tome could more accurately be titled "Everything you ever wanted to know about biopharmaceuticals but didn't even know you could ask."

     SIM News, Society of Industrial Microbiology, July/August 2004; by Dr. John S. Williamson, Ph.D., Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi
[Excerpts from the full review]

    "a truly one of kind publication."

    "a must for any biotechnology library, including those in academia."

    "This is one of those rare texts that you find yourself wondering how you ever got along without it."

    "I find it to be filled with some of the most interesting and insightful information on biopharmaceuticals . . . . On more than one occasion, I have found myself thumbing through BIOPHARMA as if it were an almanac.

    "advertised to be the most useful and cost-effective resource with the information you need to understand biopharmaceutical products and the industry, which I have no reason to doubt."

  About Guide - Biotechnology (, October 2003, by Dr. Yali Friedman, University of Buffalo
[Excerpts from the Full review]:

    Guide Rating - [5 stars, highest rating]

    "Want comprehensive information on marketed biopharmaceutical drugs? This is the only place to look. While there are numerous sources for information on pharmaceutical drugs, there is only one comprehensive source for information on biologic drugs."

    "A significant portion of this book, over 100 of the 654 pages, is dedicated to indexing . . . The value and importance of the indexes aside, the individual monographs contain a wealth of information."

    "Finally, BIOPHARMA's website contains a database . . . to complement the text. This database permits easy searches and provides a detailed users guide, background, news and other annoucements."

    "The comprehensive and intelligent value-added designed indexing system make BIOPHARMA an essential resource for anyone seeking technology or competitive intelligence on biopharmaceutical companies."

Medical Reference Services Quarterly, Haworth Press, Summer 2004, by Elizabeth M. Smigielski, Librarian, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, University of Louisville
[Excerpts from full review]
      "With exacting detail and thoroughness, BIOPHARMA attempts to answer the who, what, when, where and how of biopharmaceutical development, production and distribution of over 300 products."

      "As information related to this area is often difficult to obtain, BIOPHARMA can be considered a directory of gray literature [not conventionally published] related to the biopharmaceutical industry. The many sources of information include...[truncated]. ."

      "The encylcopedic entries cover basic elements such as names and action, but unique to this work, the entries also include organizations involved in the development and production, manufacturing process, location of production, manufacturers, history of patent transfers, controversial aspects, and market data."

      " BIOPHARMA is extensively indexed...the layout is uncluttered and easy to follow...paper is sturdy"

  Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals, "The Better Mousetrap: Sci-Tech Print-Alternative Offerings," February, 2004, p, 31-2, by Matthew McBride, Principal Information Consultant, CInC, Inc.
[Excerpts from the full review]

    "a distinctive resource . . . [the author's] dedication to the field is reflected in the quality and thoroughness of his work"

    "an extensive set of indexes at the back of the volume goes above and beyond all expections . . . a great addition to the reference tool"

    "Free online searching to locate relevant records in a print edition? A nice touch that other specialty reference sources might want to consider offering . . . provides a fantastic online component to enhance the quality of the resource"

    "BIOPHARMA is not only a unique biopharmaceutical resource, but also proves that publishers should consider online [Web database] counterpart tools as enhancements to a print product's marketability and usefulness."

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Association of College & Research Libraries, Summer 2003, by D. Lynn Koenig, Librarian, University of Kansas
[Excerpts from the Full review]